Our Mission

      Hooves And Hope provides meals to those in need, providing Hope for a brighter future. Each necklace purchased helps Feeding America, an organization that provides nutrition to those who go hungry in the 21st century. We were founded in Orange County, CA where 379,000 live below the poverty line of the 3.7 million residing there. Hooves And Hope is founded by the avid equestrian Lauren O'Neill, who welcomes you to join the H&H community by giving to those who need it most. 
      Lauren O'Neill is a sixteen year old high school student from Orange County, CA. She is a lifelong horse rider who nearly died in accident at the age of ten. Through resilience Lauren was able to mount a horse again, and continues to ride every day. Able to overcome her challenges, Lauren wishes to share her passion for helping those who are hungry, as this is a prevalent issue that often goes unnoticed. All of the proceeds from the necklaces will go to the organization Feeding America. Together we can help others to live, dream, laugh, and love.